Mirasol Beach Apartments
swimming pool at mirasol beach apartments

About Us

In December of 2000, Jim and Rebecca Berquist while on a business trip in northern Belize, decided they needed a break, an adventure, a getaway from their getaway…. Hiring a pilot for the day they took off, the country of Belize lay below.  

On a whim they asked the pilot to land on the little dirt runway on the fingerlike peninsula of Placencia. Catching an old taxi they headed into Placencia Village. They spent the afternoon exploring the quiet little village and found it to be a place like no other… Everyone was so happy and friendly and the sky and beach were fabulous and as they sat in a hammock on the beach, sipping a margarita they knew they had truly found paradise. 

That first trip turned into a second and then a third. Soon they had found not just one but two perfect pieces of paradise. One became Casa del Sol – a villa that hugs the beach just north of the village proper and the other Mirasol, nestled along the beach in the heart of village.

Jim and Rebecca live in McMurray, Pennsylvania, a suburb south of Pittsburg and have four lovely children. They both believe that their relationship with Placencia was love at first site and have grown to think of it as their home. They love sharing this beautiful country with friends and family who have fallen in love with it in turn. 


Come visit their paradise, and appreciate their efforts to ensure you have a relaxing and amazing stay in this lush tropical sanctuary.